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Requirements for a Training Course for those who are Intending to Marriage in Palestine: Legitimacy and Need

Yousef A.H Keleibi

Islam took care of the family and marriage, raised their importance, and proceeded to preserve them. Also Islam put a way for annulment of this marriage. Nowadays we are suffering from the loss of the meanings of the sanctity of married life in the hearts of some couples; until the divorce become an ...

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Rules of jurisprudence principles used to understand Fatema Bint Qays hadith, and its jurisprudential impacts (from the divorce section of the book: Ihkam al-Ahkam Sharh Umdat Al-Ahkam by Ibn Daqiq Al-Eid)

Mu'mena F. M. Mu'ayyad

This research deals with the rules of jurisprudence principles used to understand Fatema bint Qays hadith in the divorce section, and its Jurisprudential impacts, to derive from them the entitlement of divorced woman to maintenance and housing during her waiting period. So, it applied the rules of jurisprudence ...

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