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Protecting Women, Children and the Elderly in Sharia and International Law

Jawdat Abed Taha Al - Mazloum

There is no trust in the world that is more sacred than children, women and the elderly. There is no duty of importance above the respect of all of their rights, because their protection and respect for their rights protect the past and future of humanity as a whole. Although the international community ...

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Inability of people to return to christianity after entering islam

Neche Redouane

People have known from ancient times many transformations from one religion to other until Islam appeared and many people and tribes from the Christians entre dit and the ChristianIslamic conflict remained over lands and interests for centuries and despite the great victories achieved by Christians over ...

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The consequences of marital disputes and their conflict with the purposes of Islamic law

Juma Atallah Hamdan , Muhammad Mutlaq Assaf

This research aims to clarify the necessity of taking care of the family and controlling its system, by preserving the lineage, tightening the marriage bond, then the kinship bond, then the in-law’s bond, and keenness to protect these bonds, preserve them, and preserve them from everything that ...

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