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A Comparative Study Between Saudi Arabian and Glasgow Science Textbooks for 10-Year-Old Students on the Coverage of Basic Science Process Skills

Hanan Fawzi Aljarallah

The study aimed at determining how well basic science process skills are promoted in Saudi Arabian science textbook activities compare to those covered by the Glasgow Science Program booklet activities. The textbooks selected for examination in this study were the science textbooks that have been taught ...

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The Human Rights Included and Proposed to be in Social Studies Textbooks for Primary and Secondary Levels in Jordan

Khadija Abdul Qadir Al-Odainat , Omar Hussain Al-Omari

The study aimed to identify human rights included in social studies textbooks for the primary and secondary levels in Jordan. The study sample consisted of (26) textbooks, and the descriptive analytical method was used, based on the content analysis method. The study tool consisted of a content analysis ...

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An Evaluation of Developed Science Textbooks (Collins) and Previous Textbooks for the Basic Stage in Light of the Implications of Twenty-First Century Skills

Maysoon Turki Elkhawaldeh , Hasan ALnaji Banidome

The study aimed to evaluate developed science Ttextbooks (Collins) and previous textbooks for the basic stage in light of the implications of twenty-first-century skills from teachers' perspectives in Jordan. The study uses the descriptive survey method. The study sample consisted of 454 male teachers ...

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The Concepts of Cognitive Economy Included and Proposed to be Included in the Textbooks of Social Studies for the Basic Stage in Jordan

Basim Mohammad Al-Shamaileh , Majed Mahmoud Alsou’b

This study aimed at identifying the degree to which the concepts of cognitive economy are included in the textbooks of social studies for the basic stage in Jordan and identifying the extent of variance in including these concepts in the textbooks according to the academic classroom. In order to achieve ...

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The Patterns of Citizenship Education Included in Social Studies Textbooks for Grades (3-12) in Sultanate of Oman

Moza bint Mubarak bin Abdullah Al-Saeedia

This study aimed to identify the patterns of citizenship education included in social studies textbooks for Grades 3-12 in Sultanate of Oman. To answer the study questions, a list of raising patterns of citizenship that should be included in these textbooks was prepared. The list was extracted from educational ...

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Inclusion of Health Education Concepts in (Enhanced) Science Textbooks for Primary Education in Jordan

Wafa Yousef Abu Hussein

Objectives: This study aimed to reveal the extent of inclusion of health concepts in science textbooks for the basic stage in Jordan. To answer the questions of the study, the researcher developed a list of suggested health concepts, which included (31) concepts, distributed over seven health domains: ...

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The Extent of Availability of Self-Learning Skills in the Activities of Islamic Education Books for the Ninth and Tenth Grades in the Sultanate of Oman

Naimah Masoud Alarfi , Nasser Sulaiyam Al-mazidi , Hassan Mohammad Al-Omari

Objectives: This study aimed to find out the availability of self-learning skills in the evaluation activities in Islamic education textbooks for the ninth and tenth grades in Sultanate of Oman. Methods: To achieve this goal, an analytical descriptive approach was used, and a content analysis card prepared ...

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The Readability Level of Science Textbooks Used for Ninth-Grade Students in Jordan

Fawwaz Hassan Shehada

Objectives: This study aimed to measure the readability level of science textbooks (Physics, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, and Biology) used for ninth-grade students in Jordan. Methods: The study employed an analytical approach and constructed a Cloze test for six passages from the prescribed ...

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