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Problems Facing Students of Transitional Programs in the Faculty of Applied Studies and Community Service, King Saud University

Amal Bint Ali Al Ghamdi

As King Saud University suffers from high demand of university education by female students who did not qualify to enroll directly in the regular university programs; therefore, it has established the College of Applied Studies and Community Service, to provide a number of transitional programs. The ...

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Students’ attitudes at basic and secondary classes in Jordan towards distance learning and the challenges they faced during Corona pandemic (COVID-19)

Subreen Mahmoud Al Salman , Ali Khaled Ali Bawaneh

The study aimed to investigate the students' attitudes of basic and secondary schools in Jordan towards distance learning, the challenges they faced, and their suggestions to overcome them from their point of view. The study population included all Jordanian male and female students from all regions ...

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Classroom environment problems facing Taibah university female students and their relationship to the overall level of satisfaction with the university academic climate

Hayat Rasheed Hamzah Alamri

The study aimed to identify university classroom problems facing Taibah University female students and explore the differences between the average scores for the overall level of satisfaction with the university academic climate that are attributable to these problems. In addition, it tends to discover ...

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The Reality of Facing the Problems of Integrating People with Special Needs in Public Education Schools in Najran Region from the Point of View of Teachers, Supervisors and School Leaders

Fadia Rizk Abdalgilel AbdalNabi

The study aimed to identify the reality of facing the problems of integrating people with special needs in public education schools integrated with women with special needs in the Najran region from the point of view of teachers, supervisors and school leaders, and their relationship to some variables. ...

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The Problems of Vocational Education Schools in the Northern Governorates of Palestine and Ways to Overcome them

Sahar Fadl Khalifa , Saeda Jasir Afouneh , Noha Ismail Ateer

The study aimed to identify the problems of vocational education schools in the northern governorates of Palestine and ways to overcome them, and to achieve the objectives of the study, the researchers used the qualitative approach, and used focus groups and interviews as tools for the study. With equipment ...

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