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The Effectiveness of Science Club in the Creative Skills of Students in the Elementary Grades

Nail Mohammed Karkaz , Ziad Kamel Ellala

The effectiveness of the Science Club in the development of creative skills among the students of the primary grades. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of the Science Club in the development of creative skills among the students of the primary grades (fifth and sixth grade. ...

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Development of Thinking in The Theory of Concurrent Thinking

Samar Abdulaziz Abdain

This research presents a strategy for the development of thinking in The Theory of Concurrent Thinking, a theory that adds to the patterns of thinking a new pattern known as Concurrent Thinking, which is more than one thing, At the same time and with high efficiency, the research is divided into 5 main ...

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Deduction Vision of Creative Implications in Wisdom Situations of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S)

Huda Burhan Seif El Din

The research deals with the evidentiary visions of enlightened CREATIVITY components (fluency, originality, flexibility, and Details) in three main occasions. The first occasion was in his dialogue with the worshippers the stars and planets. The second was with his own father and his people. And the ...

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Effect of Professionalism of Work and Social Network on Teachers in Private Schools; Case Study in Indonesia

Yohanes Arianto Budi , Erwin Bramana Karnadi , Fransiskus X Lara Aba

This study aims to prove whether there is a significant effect of Professionalism, Creativity and Social Network on teacher performance, which is mediated by the Self Efficacy variable. This research was conducted in five private schools in Jakarta Indonesia involving several teachers who were still ...

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The role of art education in developing creativity skills among intermediate and high school students in East Jeddah education administration schools from the viewpoint of art education teachers and students (an applied study)

Ghada Ali Atef Al-Omari

The researcher adopted two study tools and two samples that included middle and high school students, and technical education teachers in schools of eastern Jeddah education, and he used the descriptive analytical approach, and the study concluded that the technical education teachers of the study sample ...

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Serious Creativity and its Relationship to Some Variables Among Talented Students at the Secondary Stage in Jeddah

Sahar Saad Althagafi , Nawal Abdullah Aldhobaiban

The current study aimed to identify the Serious Creativity of a sample of talented students at the secondary stage in Jeddah and its relationship to some demographic variables (gender/school stage). To achieve this, the study used the serious creativity scale prepared by Al-Akra (2017). Data were collected ...

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The Degree of School Principals of Administrative Creativity Skills in Public Schools from the Point of View of Teachers of the First Cycle of Basic Education in Tartous- Syrian Arab Republic

Haifa Ibrahim , Rabee Al-Murr Al-Dhuhli

This study aims to identify the degree of the school principals of practice administrative creativity skills among a sample of schoolteachers in Tartous city from the point of view of the sample members. The questionnaire was used as a tool for collecting information as it consisted of two parts: the ...

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Reality of Administrative Creativity Among Heads of Academic Departments in Public and Private Universities in the Northern Governorates of Palestine

Majdi. H. Atari

Objectives: This study aimed to identify the reality of administrative creativity among the heads of academic departments in public and private universities in the northern governorates of Palestine, and the differences according to the variables of university type, department type, and the interaction ...

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