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Resonable of Correlation Self-handicapping, Perfectionism, Locus of Control, and Self-efficacy

Najlaa Nezar , Asraa Abed AL-heseen

The current research aimed at identifying, the direct and indirect effects of variables perfectionism, locus of control, passing through self-efficacy, and self-handicapping. To achieve the goals of study the researchers used four instruments consisted scale of self-handicapping, perfectionism, locus ...

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Standardizing of the Perfectionism Scale for Adolescents in the Saudi Environment during the Corona Pandemic (Covid-19)

Nessrin Ismail Alsaid Ibrahim

The aim of this research is to identify the levels of perfectionism (normal and neurotic) among young people in the Saudi environment during the Corona pandemic (Covid-19), in addition to identifying the differences in the level of perfectionism according to the gender variable. To achieve the aim of ...

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