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The Leadership Style of Al- baha Region School Leaders According to the Likert Theory from Teacher’s Point of View

Aziza Khabti Ahmad AL-Ghamdie

This study aimed to identify the leadership styles of the school leaders in Al-baha Region according to the Likert theory from their point of view. The researcher used the descriptive approach. The sample consisted of (287) female teachers, Results of the study showed that school leaders practice leadership ...

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The degree of female intermediate school leaders’ leadership styles and their relationship with organizational identification level among female teachers in Qassim region

Arwa Muhammad Al-Lahim

This study aims to identify the degree of organizational female leaders' practice of leadership styles, and to identify the organizational identification of intermediate school female teachers in Qassim Region, from the female teachers' point of view. It aims to find whether there is a statistically ...

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The degree of contribution of the public primary school leaders in Jeddah city in developing their human resources in the light of kingdom's vision 2030 (from the female teachers and the deputy superintendent point of view)

Hanan Mahmoud Sami Ahmed Arab , Aisha Bakr Adam Fallath

This study aims at measuring the degree to which the female leaders of public primary schools in the city of Jeddah have contributed to developing their human resources in the light of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 from the viewpoint of female teachers and deputy superintendent. The study used the survey-descriptive ...

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