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Measuring Daily Physical Activity Levels for Students with Intellectual Disabilities in the State of Kuwait

Zainab Abbas , Maryam Arab , Badeer Aldimkhi

The current study aimed to determine the level of physical activity among students with intellectual disabilities by monitoring daily steps taken for seven consecutive days in the State of Kuwait. The researchers used pedometers to measure physical activity of 15 students with intellectual disabilities. ...

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Determining the Performance of Students With Intellectual Disabilities who Can Learn the First Graders’ Skills in Mathematics

Obaid Mazal Al-Harbi , Emad Saleh Najeeb Alaraidah

This study aimed to determine the performance of students with intellectual disabilities who are able to learn the first graders' skills in mathematics. The study population consists of all the intellectually disabled boys' and girls' students enrolled in primary, middle and secondary public schools ...

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Impediments facing inclusion of children with intellectual disabilities in public education schools from special education teachers’ point-of-view

Sara Mubarak J. Mubarak

This study aims to identify the impediments facing inclusion of children with intellectual disabilities in Public Education Schools from Special Education teachers' point-of-view and differences between them. The study used the descriptive method. The sample consisted of (180) male and female teachers, ...

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Role Conflict Among Mothers of Children with Intellectual Disabilities at the Sultanate of Oman in Light of the Corona Pandemic

Amira Sulaiman Abdullah Al Kindi , Ahmed MJ O Alfawair

The current study aimed to identify the Conflict of Roles among mothers of children with intellectual disabilities at the Sultanate of Oman. Descriptive design was used. The study sample consists of (86) respondents who were mothers of children with intellectual disabilities. The researcher developed ...

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The Effectiveness of the Impact of Early Intervention to Reduce the Disorder Behavior of Pupils with Simple Intellectual Disabilities at the Alti Center in Al-Kamlin locality, Sudan

Bakhita Mohammad Zain Ali Mohammad

The objectives of this research are to investigate the effectiveness of the impact of early intervention to reduce the disorder behavior of pupils with simple intellectual disabilities. To achieve these objectives, the researcher used the quasi-experimental method. The population of the study consisted ...

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