International Journal of Educational and Psychological Studies

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Resonable of Correlation Self-handicapping, Perfectionism, Locus of Control, and Self-efficacy

Najlaa Nezar , Asraa Abed AL-heseen

The current research aimed at identifying, the direct and indirect effects of variables perfectionism, locus of control, passing through self-efficacy, and self-handicapping. To achieve the goals of study the researchers used four instruments consisted scale of self-handicapping, perfectionism, locus ...

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The Predictive Ability of Naglieri Test for Results of Mawhiba Talent Test Applied in Saudi Arabia

Shaher Khaled Suleiman , May Abdullah Al-Jasir

The research aimed at applying the American Naglieri Scale for detecting talented students in the Saudi environment and verifying the degree of a significant statistical correlation between it and the Saudi Talent Test “Mawhiba” which applied in Saudi Arabia as a criterion for acceptance ...

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