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Education as a Collective Right: Arab University in Israel – Challenges, Obstacles and Possibilities

Nohad Ali , Rima’a Da’as

The idea of establishing an Arab university in Israel is much debated, particularly within Arab society, Jewish society, and at Israeli institutions where it has met with a great deal of opposition. The vast majority of the Arab public consider establishing an Arab university to be an opportunity to ...

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Analytical Study of Master's and Doctoral Dissertations In the Field of Gifted and Talent Amman Arab University 2007-2017

Mohammad Saud Al-Ajmi

The present study aimed to analyze the master's and doctoral thesis in the field of gifted and talented approved by the Department of Educational Psychology, Faculty of Educational and Psychological Sciences, Amman Arab University, Amman, 2000 to 2017 through its characteristics; The study followed the ...

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