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Dimensional Analysis of the Results of Studies Using Integrated Activities in Kindergarten

Hend Mahmoud Hegazy Mahmoud , Kamal Nageeb El gindy , Naglaa Magd Mahmoud Elnahas

Recent developments in today's world. Education officials in many countries of the world have to consider education plans in line with those developments, and ideas have abounded. The ideas that were put forward include the idea of ​​integrated curricula. (Abdullah bin Saud, 43: 2001). A beautiful ...

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Analysis of the Content of Jurisprudence Syllabus 2 at Secondary Stage in Light of the Standards of Learning Patterns (4MAT)

Hoba Ahmed Akram

The study aimed at analyzing the content of jurisprudence syllabus 2 for secondary stage in light of the 4MAT criteria for learning patterns. The sample of the study consisted of the content of jurisprudence syllabus no. (2) in the courses system of secondary schools. The descriptive approach based on ...

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Analytical Study of Master's and Doctoral Dissertations In the Field of Gifted and Talent Amman Arab University 2007-2017

Mohammad Saud Al-Ajmi

The present study aimed to analyze the master's and doctoral thesis in the field of gifted and talented approved by the Department of Educational Psychology, Faculty of Educational and Psychological Sciences, Amman Arab University, Amman, 2000 to 2017 through its characteristics; The study followed the ...

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Analysis of the third grade's sciences and life textbook in Palestine according to the next generation science standards (NGSS) and the cognitive domains within it

Osama Mohammad Zyoud , Abdallah Mohammad Khataibeh , Ebtesam Qasim Rababah

This study aimed at detecting the degree to which the science and life textbook for third grade in Palestine included the next generation of science standards and cognitive domain within it. The study used the content analysis card tool designed according to a group of (NGSS). The tool's reliability ...

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The invariance detected in the assessment test for mathematics skills for the third basic class students through the directorates of education in Jordan

Areej Hasan Alsaid , Nedal Kamal Alshreefen

This study aimed to detect the Invariance in the test for the third basic grade in Jordan through directorates of education (numbering 45 directorates). To achieve this, the descriptive analytical method was used in analyzing the results of students on the test who participated for the 2017/2018 academic ...

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The Effectiveness of a Remote Program Based on the Techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis to Provide Illiterate Mothers by Methods of Dealing with the Behaviors of their Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Amani Musaad Saad Al-Quthami , Nermeen Abdel Rahman Qutub

The study aimed to identify the effectiveness of a remote program based on the techniques of applied behavior analysis to provide illiterate mothers by methods of dealing with the behaviors of their children with autism spectrum disorder and to achieve this, the study used the quasi-experimental approach ...

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Inclusion of Health Education Concepts in (Enhanced) Science Textbooks for Primary Education in Jordan

Wafa Yousef Abu Hussein

Objectives: This study aimed to reveal the extent of inclusion of health concepts in science textbooks for the basic stage in Jordan. To answer the questions of the study, the researcher developed a list of suggested health concepts, which included (31) concepts, distributed over seven health domains: ...

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