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The Application of Governance in the Ministry of Education in Palestine and its Role in Reducing Expatriate Career " Field Study from the Point of View of the Heads of Departments in the Directorates of Education in Hebron "

Sameer Suleiman Abed Al-Jamal

The study aimed to identify the degree of application of governance in the Ministry of Education in Palestine and its role in reducing the expatriate career from the point of view of heads of departments in the directorates of education in Hebron, According to variables: gender, scientific qualification, ...

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The level of job alienation among leaders of the public secondary schools in the city of Buraidah

Amlak Suliman Al-Sallal , Ali Saleh Al-Shay’a

The aim of the study is to identify the level of job alienation among the leaders of government secondary schools in the secondary stage in Buraidah, Saudi Arabia with different variables, and to achieve the goals of the study, the researcher adopted the descriptive approach, and the research sample ...

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