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Effectiveness of a Proposed Training Program for the Development of Educational Counselors’ Professional Competencies to Deal with Autistic Children in the Tulkarm Governorate

Rabi Shafiq Lutfi Uteir , Salah E-Din Hassan Mustafa Hamdan

This study aims to identify the effectiveness of a proposed training program for the development of educational counselors’ professional competencies to deal with autistic children in the Tulkarm governorate. The study sample consisted of 40 educational counselors in the Tulkarm Educational Directorate. ...

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The Effectiveness of A Training Program on the Development of the Health Care Skills of Autistic Children for the Caregivers in the Autism Centers and their Relation to Some Variables in A Jordanian Sample

Ahmad AL Hayek

This study aimed to measure the effectiveness of a training program in improving the health care skills for workers in autism centers with autistic children, in AL Balqa. In addition to that, the study aimed to recognize the relation between the effectiveness of the program and the variable of qualification. ...

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