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Obstacles of Implementing the Authentic Assessment in Learning of Islamic Education on the Schools in the Educational Tabuk Region

Yahya Abdel Khalq yousif

The purpose of this study was to determine the Obstacles of Implementing the Authentic Assessment in Learning of Islamic Education on the schools in the Educational Tabuk Region. To achieve this aim, a 60-item questionnaire was administered. The study samples were randomly selected and consisted (109) ...

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The Beliefs of Mathematics Teachers in Riyadh about Formative Assessment

Aishah M. Albalawi

This study focuses on exploring the beliefs of mathematical teachers about formative assessment and the most prominent assessment practices that teachers use during education. The sample of this study consisted of (40) mathematics teacher in the northern region schools of Riyadh city. The researcher ...

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The Effectiveness of Some Authentic Assessment Methods in Assessing Achievement Scores in the Course of Thinking and Learning Skills for Education and Arts Students at King Faisal University. (A Comparative Study with the Classical Assessment Method)

Khaled Hassan Bakr Elsherief

The Research aimed to investigate the effectiveness of authentic assessment methods (portfolio- worksheets- activities- questionnaires- learning log) in assessing the achievement for(132) of education and arts students in King Faisal University in the curriculum of learning and thinking skills, compared ...

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The invariance detected in the assessment test for mathematics skills for the third basic class students through the directorates of education in Jordan

Areej Hasan Alsaid , Nedal Kamal Alshreefen

This study aimed to detect the Invariance in the test for the third basic grade in Jordan through directorates of education (numbering 45 directorates). To achieve this, the descriptive analytical method was used in analyzing the results of students on the test who participated for the 2017/2018 academic ...

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Effect of Authentic Assessment in the Academic Achievement in Computer Subject for Intermediate School Students in Tabuk

Hind Saleh Turki Alrdahi , Mohammad Abdullah Mohammad Asiri

The study aimed to identify the differences between the average scores of experimental and control groups in post-experiment test, the effect of using authentic assessment on academic achievement, and the relationship between authentic assessment and academic achievement in computer course among intermediate ...

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Evaluation Patterns and Assessment Tools of E-Learning for High School Students in Palestine: Solutions and Suggestions

Hadeel Mohammad Ashour

Evaluation for E-learning was and is still a problem for many educators and lecturers in universities and even schools in Palestine especially nowadays after COVID-19. Based on this fact, the current study aimed at diagnosing the validity of the E- learning assessment tools applied by the ministry of ...

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Psychometric Properties of the Criterion-Referenced Achievement Test, for the Mathematics for the First Intermediate Grade

Abdullah Ahmad Majhoud Al-Zahrani

In the current study, we aimed to verify the psychometric properties of the referenced assessment achievement test in mathematics for the first grade of intermediate school students- Al-Makhwah Educational Governorate, for the academic year (1440/1441) during the second semester of which (1107) were ...

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