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Constructing Criterion Referenced Test to Measure the Scientific Research Skills of Postgraduate Students in Yemeni Universities

Yahya Muhammad Al-Ghail , Ali Saeed Al Tariq

The study aimed to constructing criterion referenced test to measure the skills of scientific research among graduate students in Yemeni universities. The test consisted of (86) singles of the type of multiple choice with four alternatives. It was applied to the study sample consisting of all elements ...

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The Degree to which Basic Stage Teachers Possess Scientific Research Skills in the Amman Kasbah District

Shaima Mohammed Mashaqi , Othman Nasser Mansour

Objectives: The study aimed to identify the degree to which basic stage teachers possess scientific research skills in the Amman Kasbah district in the capital Amman Governorate. Methods: To achieve the objectives of the study, the descriptive survey method was adopted, and the study sample consisted ...

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