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Analysis of the Content of Jurisprudence Syllabus 2 at Secondary Stage in Light of the Standards of Learning Patterns (4MAT)

Hoba Ahmed Akram

The study aimed at analyzing the content of jurisprudence syllabus 2 for secondary stage in light of the 4MAT criteria for learning patterns. The sample of the study consisted of the content of jurisprudence syllabus no. (2) in the courses system of secondary schools. The descriptive approach based on ...

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Using Differentiated Instruction in Teaching Mathematics to Develop Achievement and Persistence among the First Grade Secondary Students

Mohamed Abdel Halim Mohamed Hasaballa

The present research seeks to investigate the effectiveness of using differentiated instruction strategies, in teaching mathematics, on the development of achievement among the first grade secondary female students. It, seeks, also, to determine the correlation between the grades of the first grade secondary ...

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