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The Extent of Inclusion the Book of Jurisprudence for the Students of the First Grade Intermediate in Saudi Arabia for the Components of the Knowledge Economy

Huda Saad ALkatheri , Abdulmohsen Saif AL-Saif

This study aimed at: recognizing components of knowledge economy that should be included in the Jurisprudence course for girls in the first year intermediate in Saudi Arabia and knowing to what extent the course took into account these components. To achieve the aims of the study, the researchers developed ...

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Impediments facing inclusion of children with intellectual disabilities in public education schools from special education teachers’ point-of-view

Sara Mubarak J. Mubarak

This study aims to identify the impediments facing inclusion of children with intellectual disabilities in Public Education Schools from Special Education teachers' point-of-view and differences between them. The study used the descriptive method. The sample consisted of (180) male and female teachers, ...

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