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Academic Services Management for Distance Learning at Taibah University in Madinah

Ali. H. Houriah , Afaf Kheder Wasel Al-Qurashi

The study aimed to identify the reality of Management of Academic Electronic Services Deanship of Distance Learning at the University of Taibah. Through the study of the level of manpower and technical services. From the perspective of students and faculty members, Using descriptive approach, the study ...

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The Degree of practicing English Teachers at the Skills of E-Learning in Kuwait

Adeeb Theab Hamadneh , Ghazil Bader Al Ghasab

This study aims to identify the degree to which English language teachers practiced e-learning skills, and the impact of the following variables: gender, educational qualifications and years of experience on this. The descriptive method was employed with a selected sample of (150) female and male teachers. ...

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The factorial structure of the Tabuk university student attitudes scale towards employing the blackboard e-learning management system in distance education during the Corona pandemic

Shaher Khaled Suleiman , Sanaa Mosa AL-qadi

The current research aimed to verify the Construct Validity of the Tabuk University Student Attitudes Scale towards the use of the Blackboard E-learning management system in distance education and to reveal students' attitudes toward employing the system during the Corona pandemic, using the descriptive ...

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The effectiveness of e-learning environment in developing geometric constructions skills in mathematics, among 10th graders

Mohammed F. Abu owda , Magdy S. Aqel , Khadeja M. Bedwan

The research aimed to reveal the effectiveness of E-learning environment in developing geometric construction skills in mathematics among 10th graders in Palestine. and the research followed the quasiexperimental curriculum by designing one experimental group (Pre- post). And the researchers built the ...

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The Requirements for Employing Educational platforms in Public Education Schools in the Sultanate of Oman from the Point of View of School Principals and their Assistants, Teachers, and Computer Technicians

Husna Bint Mohammad bin Yazeed Al-Abri

This study sought to determine the requirements for employing educational platforms in public education schools in the Sultanate of Oman from point of view of the school principals and their assistants, teachers, and computer technicians. In order to achieve its objectives and answer its questions, the ...

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Evaluation Patterns and Assessment Tools of E-Learning for High School Students in Palestine: Solutions and Suggestions

Hadeel Mohammad Ashour

Evaluation for E-learning was and is still a problem for many educators and lecturers in universities and even schools in Palestine especially nowadays after COVID-19. Based on this fact, the current study aimed at diagnosing the validity of the E- learning assessment tools applied by the ministry of ...

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The Degree to which Educational Qualification Students at the University of Nizwa Possess E-learning Skills and Competencies from their Point of View

Mahmoud bin Zahran Al-Waeli , Saif Nasser Saif Alazri , Hassan Mohammad Al-Omari , Rabee Al-Murr Al-Dhuhli , Eman bint Saeed Al Diriyah , Ahlam bint Mohammed Al Saadia

The study aimed to determine the extent to which students of educational qualification at the College of Sciences and Arts at the University of Nizwa possess electronic learning (e-learning) skills and competencies. It used the descriptive approach. The researchers prepared a questionnaire based on the ...

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The Role of the University Administration in Activating E-Learning in Light of the Corona Pandemic: “Somali Universities in Mogadishu as a Model”

Mohamed Adam Isak , Adam Shidane Guled

Objectives: This study aimed to identify the role of university administration in activating e-learning in light of the Corona pandemic in Somali universities in Mogadishu. Methods: This study relied in its methodology on the analytical descriptive approach, and this study was applied to a random sample ...

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