International Journal of Educational and Psychological Studies

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Methods of Crises Management among Academic Leadership and Its Relationship to psychological hardness at AL Hussein Bin Talal University in Light of Coronavirus

Theeb M Al-Rawwad , Omar A Al-Adamat

The current study aims to reveal the relationship between methods of crises management and psychological hardness in light of variables of gender, number of years of experience, and administrative level. The sample of the study consisted of (59) academic leaders who were chosen using convenience sampling ...

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Psychological Pressures of the Doctors Working in the Palestinian Hospitals in the West Bank during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Joltan Hassan Hijazi , Tamara Issa Musleh , Sahar Murshid Khayyat

The current study aimed to reveal the level of psychological stresses among the doctors working in Palestinian’s public and private hospitals in the West Bank in the light of  the corona virus pandemic and to reveal the nature of differences in the level of psychological stresses according ...

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