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Doubting Thinking Among Adolescent Students in Middle School

Hawraa .A Kurmash

The present study aims at identifying the level of Doubting Thinking among middle school and middle school students in middle and secondary school in Babel city, and identifying the statistical significance differences in the level of Doubting Thinking among adolescent students in the intermediate stage ...

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Counseling Needs of Adolescents in Egyptian Society: A Study in the Framework of Differences - Relationships – Prediction

Sobhia Ahmed Abdel Qader Mohamed

The current study aimed to reveal the counseling needs of adolescents in the Egyptian society and to clarify the differences in the counseling needs of adolescents according to some demographic variables represented in: gender (male- female), educational stage (secondary- university), and place of residence ...

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Standardizing of the Perfectionism Scale for Adolescents in the Saudi Environment during the Corona Pandemic (Covid-19)

Nessrin Ismail Alsaid Ibrahim

The aim of this research is to identify the levels of perfectionism (normal and neurotic) among young people in the Saudi environment during the Corona pandemic (Covid-19), in addition to identifying the differences in the level of perfectionism according to the gender variable. To achieve the aim of ...

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Family Climate and its Relationship to the level of Aggressive Behavior Among a Sample of Adolescents in the Secondary Stage in the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Educational District in the State of Kuwait

Mariam Qasem T. Shaban

Objectives: The study aimed to identify the nature of the relationship between family climate and aggressive behavior. Methods: To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher used the descriptive analytical method.  The sample consisted of (295) students, distributed among (160) male and ...

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Evaluating the Quality of Life among Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their Parents' Perspective in Holy Makkah Region

Amira Ali Al-Osaimi , Nermeen Abdel Rahman Qutub

Objectives: This descriptive study aims to explore the quality of life among adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) from their parents' perspective in the Holy Makkah region. It specifically examines the impact of various factors such as gender, severity of behavioral symptoms, and educational ...

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