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The Beliefs of Mathematics Teachers in Riyadh about Formative Assessment

Aishah M. Albalawi

This study focuses on exploring the beliefs of mathematical teachers about formative assessment and the most prominent assessment practices that teachers use during education. The sample of this study consisted of (40) mathematics teacher in the northern region schools of Riyadh city. The researcher ...

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The Effectiveness of Some Authentic Assessment Methods in Assessing Achievement Scores in the Course of Thinking and Learning Skills for Education and Arts Students at King Faisal University. (A Comparative Study with the Classical Assessment Method)

Khaled Hassan Bakr Elsherief

The Research aimed to investigate the effectiveness of authentic assessment methods (portfolio- worksheets- activities- questionnaires- learning log) in assessing the achievement for(132) of education and arts students in King Faisal University in the curriculum of learning and thinking skills, compared ...

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Degree of availability of Tabuk primary stage family education teachers' life skills Their point of view and its relation to the students' academic achievement

Nahed Abdulaziz Ali Masri , Bashayer Regyan Balawi

The present study aimed to determine the degree of availability of Tabuk primary stage family education teachers' life skills Their point of view and its relation to students' academic achievement. The research used the analytical descriptive method and applied a questionnaire on a random sample of the ...

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Counseling Needs of Adolescents in Egyptian Society: A Study in the Framework of Differences - Relationships – Prediction

Sobhia Ahmed Abdel Qader Mohamed

The current study aimed to reveal the counseling needs of adolescents in the Egyptian society and to clarify the differences in the counseling needs of adolescents according to some demographic variables represented in: gender (male- female), educational stage (secondary- university), and place of residence ...

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Effect of Authentic Assessment in the Academic Achievement in Computer Subject for Intermediate School Students in Tabuk

Hind Saleh Turki Alrdahi , Mohammad Abdullah Mohammad Asiri

The study aimed to identify the differences between the average scores of experimental and control groups in post-experiment test, the effect of using authentic assessment on academic achievement, and the relationship between authentic assessment and academic achievement in computer course among intermediate ...

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Effect of Visual Teaching Strategy on the Academic Achievement in Physics for First Secondary Students in Haql

Nayfa Hassan Faraj Al- Omrani , Bashayer Raghyan Al- Balawi

The problem of the research is identified in the weakness of academic achievement in physics for First Secondary Students in Haql, and as a contribution to solve this problem, the research purpose was to check the effect of the Visual Teaching Strategy on their academic achievement in Physics. To achieve ...

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The Role of Blended Learning in Developing Academic Achievement among the Middle Stage Female Students from the Point of View of their Teachers in Al-Jouf Region

Latiefa Abdel-Rahman Al-Ali , Abdulhameed Rakan Alenezi

The aim of this study was to identify the role of blended education in developing academic achievement among female students of intermediate stage according to the point of view of their female teachers. The study also shows the most difficult challenges that female teachers face in developing academic ...

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The Degree of Using Psychological Defence Mechanisms and its Relationship to Academic Achievement in Distance Education During the Corona Pandemic

Esraa Atyah Alharthi

The study aimed to identify the degree of use of psychological defence mechanisms and their relationship to academic achievement in distance education during the Corona pandemic. As well as determining if there are differences in the academic level of the university student according to the different ...

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Developing Supportive Instructional Leadership Practices to Improve Academic Achievement in Public Schools in The Sultanate of Oman- A Qualitative Study

Asia Hmood mohammed Al-Wahibi , Yasser F. Hendawy Al-Mahdy , Aisha Salim Ali Al-Harthi

The study investigated the best practices of the instructional leadership needed to improve academic achievement in a sample of public schools in the Sultanate of Oman. The study sample consisted of two schools with high academic achievement. To achieve the objectives of the study, the research followed ...

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The Effect of Using Marzano's Learning Model in Achievement and Students' Orientation towards Learning among 7th Grade Female Students in Jordan

Dina Odeh Alsagher , Abdelsalam M. Adili

Objectives: The study aimed to identify the effect of using Marzano's model in achievement and developing an orientation towards learning in science among seventh-grade female students in Jordan. To achieve the purposes of the study. Methods: The study used the experimental approach. The subjects of ...

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