International Journal of Childhood, Counselling, and Special Education

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Sexual abuse against children with disabilities in the community

Rania El-Sawy Abdo Abdel-Qawi

The current study aimed to review the most prominent axes related to sexual abuse against children with disabilities in society, including1- Learn about the concept and forms of sexual abuse for people with disabilities.2- Recognizing the physical, psychological, and social effects of abuse.3- Responsible ...

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Attitudes of students of psychology departments in Sudanese universities towards people with disabilities (Psychology male and female students in universities in the state of Gezira as a model)

Hayat Abdel Rahim Mohamed Amin , Makki Babiker Saeed Deiwa , Al-Fateh Mustafa Suleiman Al-Kinani

The level of disability is determined by the environment's ability to create legal conditions, and the concept of disability has carried several connotations throughout history and cultures that have been affected by the moral character sometimes, medical, educational, and rehabilitative at other times, ...

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Factors Underlying the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Protection of the Rights of Individuals with Disabilities

Hamada Ali , Salaheldin Bakhiet , Yossry Essa , Shehana Alqafari

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has always observed the rights of individuals with disabilities, as evident from the laws that KSA has enacted, based on the principles of Islamic law. KSA has made significant progress at several levels: (1) enacting definite policies and statutes to protect the rights ...

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