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On Binary Generalized Topological Spaces

Jamal M. Mustafa

In this paper, we introduce and study the new concept of binary generalized topological spaces. Also we examine some binary generalized topological properties. Furthermore, we define and study some forms of binary generalized continuous functions and we investigate the relationships between these functions ...

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On Digital Line and Operations

Abd El-Monem M. Kozae , El-Sayed A. Abo-Tabl

The topological structure is a more general mathematical model that helps in solving many problems in digital topology and its applications. In this paper, we introduce and study some general forms of separation properties based on operations. The notions of generalized closed set and T1/2-spaces are ...

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A New Approach to Rough Vector Spaces

Shahad T.Almohammadi , Cenap ¨Ozel

In this article, we will introduce the concept of rough vector spaces using upper approximation, and some algebraic results will be proven. Additionally, this concept will be combined with the concept of topological space.

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On Nano Sβ-Open Sets In Nano Topological Spaces

Osama T. Pirbal , Nehmat K. Ahmed

The aim of this work is to introduce a new class of nano semi-open sets in nano topological spaces which called nano Sβ-open sets in nano topological spaces. Also, we study the relationship between some types of nano near open sets with this new class. The class of nano Sβ-open sets exactly ...

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A Novel View of Regular and Normal Spaces via Nano Sβ-Open Sets in Nano Topological Spaces

Nehmat K. Ahmed , Osama T. Pirbal

In this present study, we shed light on some separation axioms via nano Sβ-open sets including nano S*β-regular and nano S*β-normal spaces (axioms) in nano topological spaces where nano Sβ-open set is defined and related to nano semi-open and nano β-closed sets. Here, we implement ...

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