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Regional Gradient Exact Enlarge Controllability of the Semilinear Heat Equation

Touria Karite , Ali Boutoulout , Fatima Zahrae EL Alaoui

The aim of this paper is to study the enlarge gradient-controllability problem of the heat equation. The purpose is to compute the control u which steers the state gradient of the system between two prescribed levels l1 and l2, only on a subregion ω of the system evolution domain Ω. The obtained ...

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New modification Sentinel for Linear Parabolic Equation

LAIB Teldja , Ayadi abdelhamid

The purpose of this article is, firstly, to modify the old definition of the sentinel, introduced by J.L. Lions, so that we can separate the control support to the observation support and, secondly, to identify the pollution terms which arise in regular problems which are modeled by a linear parabolic ...

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Controllability of Fractional-order Dynamical System with Time Varying-Delays

Jackreece P. C. , Godspower, C. A. , Ugorji, H. C.

In this study, controllability of a class of fractional-order dynamical system with time-varying delays is considered. First, a representation of the solution is given using Laplace transform and Mittageleffler function. Then necessary and sufficient conditions for the controllability of the fractional ...

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