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Integral Equations and their Relationship to Differential Equations with Initial Conditions

Mostefa Nadir , Somia Guechi

Integral and differential equations have a fundamental importance in the functional analysis and the practice problems, and many domains of scientific research. However, the resolution of differential equations with constant coefficients is easy, but the resolution of these equations with variable coefficients ...

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Taylor approximation for solving linear and nonlinear Ill-Posed Volterra equations via an iteration method

Somia GUECHI , Moufida GUECHI

In this paper, we present two algorithms for the approximate or exact solution of a class of Volterra integral equations of first kind. As well known, this is an ill posed problem, but we convert it to well-posedness of the second kind Volterra problems, then we apply the variational iteration method. ...

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Double SEJI Integral Transform and its Applications of Solution Integral Differential Equations

Jinan A. Jasim , Sadiq A. Mehdi , Emad A. Kuffi

The aim of this paper is to establish an efficient of a new transform called double SEJI integral transform to solve integral differential equations. Some important properties are proved by this suggested transform with theorem for the partial fractional Caputo derivatives. Finally, we use them to solve ...

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