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Congruences on Inverse Semigroups using Kernel Normal System

Laila M.Tunsi

Congruences on inverse semigroups via the (kernel-trace) method introduced by Scheiblich in 1974. In this paper we discuss the congruences on inverse semigroups by using the technique of Kernel normal systems. Congrueneses on inverse semigroup were described in terms of congruences pairs (ker tr ). It ...

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Existence and Regularity Results for the Stokes System with Mixed Boundary Conditions

Mourad Dilmi , Hamid. Benseridi

In this paper we consider the nonlinear boundary value problem governed by a stationary perturbed Stokes system with mixed boundary conditions ( Dirichlet-Fourier- maximal monotone graph), in a smooth domain. The existence and regularity of the weak solution to this problem are proved. Our approach is ...

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Global Properties of the Solution of the Einstein-Maxwell-Boltzmann-Scalar Field System with Pseudo-Tensor of Pressure on a Bianchi Type I Space-Time

Noutchegueme Norbert , Dongo David , Djiofack Francis Etienne

In this paper, we study the asymptotic behaviour, the geodesic completeness and the energy condition for the coupled Einstein-Maxwell-Boltzmann-Massive scalar field system with pseudo-tensor of pressure in the sources which rules the dynamincs of kind of charged pure matter in the presence of a massive ...

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Regional Gradient Exact Enlarge Controllability of the Semilinear Heat Equation

Touria Karite , Ali Boutoulout , Fatima Zahrae EL Alaoui

The aim of this paper is to study the enlarge gradient-controllability problem of the heat equation. The purpose is to compute the control u which steers the state gradient of the system between two prescribed levels l1 and l2, only on a subregion ω of the system evolution domain Ω. The obtained ...

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Integrable Systems, Spectral Curves and Representation Theory

A. Lesfari

The aim of this paper is to present an overview of the active area via the spectral linearization method for solving integrable systems. New examples of integrable systems, which have been discovered, are based on the so called Lax representation of the equations of motion. Through the Adler-Kostant-Symes ...

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Systems Theory: An Approach to Mass-Damper-Spring and Mass-Nondamper-Spring Systems

J. Sunday

The concept of systems theory has been applied in various disciplines to analyze systems in such disciplines. In this research, systems theory was employed to model, analyze and study the natures of some problems in mass-spring systems. Mass-spring systems are second order linear differential equations ...

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Evaluation of Instantaneous Reliability Measures for a Gradual Deteriorating System

Tijjani A. Waziri , Bashir M. Yakasai , Ibrahim Yusuf

This paper studies various reliability measures. Reliability measures are quantities used for analyzing reliability and maintenance models. Sometimes when the maintenance cost rate is minimized, the system reliability measures are so low that they are not acceptable in practice. The following instantaneous ...

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Weakly Sentinel involving a Navier-Stokes Problem and Detecting Pollution

REZZOUG Imad , AYADI Abdelhamid

In this paper, we consider a Navier-Stokes system with missing initial data condition and perturbuted term or pollution term. The notion of sentinel is introduced in the study of the problems with incomplete data by J.L.Lions [12]. The construction of sentinel is based on the existence and uniqueness ...

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Controllability of Fractional-order Dynamical System with Time Varying-Delays

Jackreece P. C. , Godspower, C. A. , Ugorji, H. C.

In this study, controllability of a class of fractional-order dynamical system with time-varying delays is considered. First, a representation of the solution is given using Laplace transform and Mittageleffler function. Then necessary and sufficient conditions for the controllability of the fractional ...

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Explicit Expression for a First Integral for a Class of Two-dimensional Differential System

Rachid Boukoucha , Mouna Yahiaoui

In this paper we are intersted in studying the existence of a first integral and to the curves which are formed by the trajectories of the two-dimensional differential systems of the form    x′ = P (x,y) + x(λxexp(M(x,y) N(x,y))+ βy exp(R(x,y) S(x,y))),y ′ = Q(x,y) + y(λxexp(M(x,y) ...

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