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Modified variational iteration and homotopy analysis method for solving variable coefficient variant boussinesq system

Fadhil H. Easif , Saad A. Manaa , Ahmed J. Sabali

In this paper, Modified Variational Iteration Method (MVIM) and Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM) are used to find approximate solutions for the Variable-Coefficient Variant Boussinesq System the (VCVB) system is able to describe the nonlinear and dispersive long gravity waves in shallow water traveling ...

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Homotopy Sumudu Transformation Method for Solving Fractional Delay Differential Equations

N. R. Anakira , H. Abdelkarim , M. Abu-Dawas

In this article, A new accurate approximate solution for a nonlinear fractional delay differential equations are obtained using an effective algorithm so called homotopy analysis sumudu transformation method (HASTM). Some examples have been solved to demonstrate the methodology of this procedure. The ...

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