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Error Estimates and Analysis Results for Signorini’s Problem in Thermo-Electro-Viscoelasticity

EL-H. Essoufi , M. Alaoui , M. Bouallala

We consider a mathematical model describing the quasi-static process of contact between a thermo-electroviscoelastic body and a rigid foundation. The contact is described by Signorini’s conditions. The variational formulation leads to a coupled system for the displacement filed, the electric potential ...

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Spectral Method for the Heat Equation with Axial Symmetry and a Source


In this paper, we present a spectral method for solving the heat equation in cylindrical coordinates in a case where the data are axisymmetric and independent of the z-coordinate at the same time. The spectral method considered is of GalerkintypewithaGauss-Radaunumericalquadratureformula, itisbasedonaweightedweakvariationalformulationofthe ...

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An Accurate Approximate Solutions of Multipoint Boundary Value Problems

N. R Anakira , M. M. Al-Shorman , A. F. Jameel

The main objective of this paper is to obtain a new accurate approximate solutions for a kind of ordinary differential equations called multipoint boundary value problems by using simple modification of optimal homotopy asymptotic method (OHAM). This procedure is a well-performance for calculating a better ...

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