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Regularized Minimization of Convex Functions in Radon Nikodym Space

Nourddin SAIDOU , Mhamed ZINEDDINE , Bouchaib Ferrahi

Convex non linear optimization problems may not have a solution in innite dimension spaces. The aim of this paper is to formulate some new results in this topic by using "technical regularization" of the objective function. The rst result shows that a non linear convex proper lower semi-continuous ...

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Neighborhoods of certain p-valent analytic functions defined by using generalized differential operators

A. Amourah , O. Dalalaa , A. Alelaumi

In this paper, by use of the familiar concept of neighborhoods of p-valently analytic functions, the authors show several inclusion relations associated with the (n, )-neighborhood of certain subclasses of analytic functions.

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Chord length distribution and the distance between two random points in a convex body in Rn

Rafik Aramyan , Daniel Yeranyan

In this article for n-dimensional convex body D the relation between the chord length distribution function and the distribution function of the distance between two random points in D was found. Also the relation between their moments was found.

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