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Modified Newton's Methods with Seventh or Eighth -Order Convergence

Husnia Mohamed Eldanfour

In this paper, we consider a modification of the Newton's method which produce iterative method with fourth-order of convergence have been proposed in [4] and obtain new methods with ( seventh or eighth )-order convergence for solving non-linear equations. A general error analysis providing the higher ...

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Iλ -Statistical Convergence of Order α in Topological Groups


The purpose of this paper is to introduce and study Iλ - statistical convergence of order α in topological groups and we shall also present some inclusion theorems.

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Error Estimates and Analysis Results for Signorini’s Problem in Thermo-Electro-Viscoelasticity

EL-H. Essoufi , M. Alaoui , M. Bouallala

We consider a mathematical model describing the quasi-static process of contact between a thermo-electroviscoelastic body and a rigid foundation. The contact is described by Signorini’s conditions. The variational formulation leads to a coupled system for the displacement filed, the electric potential ...

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Finite Difference Method for Numerical Solution of Two Point Boundary Value Problems with Non-uniform Mesh and Internal Boundary Condition

P. K. Pandey

In this article, we have presented a variable step finite difference method for solving second order boundary value problems in ordinary differential equations with an internal boundary condition. We have discussed the convergence and established at least cubic order of accuracy of the proposed method. ...

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A six-step Block Unification Integrator for Numerical Solution of Fourth Order Boundary Value Problems

Mark I. Modebei , Raphael B. Adeniyi

In this paper, a new 7th order continuous finite difference methods is proposed. These methods are derived using the Chebyshev polynomials as basis functions. The collocation approach is employed to obtain the main methods and additional methods used for solving general nonlinear fourth order two and four-points ...

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On lambda-statistical convergence using f-density

Stuti Borgohain

We study the concept of fλ-statistical convergence in a probabilistic normed space, where f is an unbounded modulus function . Also we are trying to investigate some relation between the ordinary convergence and module statistical convergence for every unbounded modulus function. Later on, we ...

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Global convergence of new three terms conjugate gradient for unconstrained optimization

Ahmed Anwer Mustafa , Salah Gazi Shareef

n this paper, a new formula of 𝛽𝑘 is suggested for the conjugate gradient method of solving unconstrained optimization problems based on three terms and step size of cubic. Our new proposed CG method has descent condition, sufficient descent condition, conjugacy condition, and global convergence properties. ...

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A New Coefficient of Conjugate Gradient Method with Global Convergence for Unconstrained Optimization Problems

Mardeen Sh. Taher , Salah Gazi Shareef

In this article, we defined a new coefficient formula of the conjugate gradient method for solving non linear unconstrained optimization problems. The new formula β new k is type of line search and the idea of our work is to focus on modification the Perry’s suggestion. We further show that ...

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