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Mathematical Modeling of Transmission Dynamics and Optimal Control of Isolation, Vaccination and Treatment for Hepatitis B Virus

Akanni John Olajide , Abidemi Afeez , Jenyo Opeyemi Oluwaseun , Akinpelu Folake O.

In this paper we formulate an SEICR (Susceptible- Exposed- Infective- Carrier- Recovered) model of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) disease transmission with constant recruitment. The threshold parameter R0 <1, known as the Basic Reproduction Number was found. This model has two equilibria, disease-free equilibrium ...

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Analysis of the spread of COVID-19 in Morocco based on a SEIR epidemic model

Moulay Rchid Sidi Ammi , Mostafa Tahiri

Fractional calculus has been widely used in mathematical modeling of evolutionary systems with memory effect on dynamics. In order to illustrate the efficiency of this non-integer order calculus, we employ SEIR models to model the dynamics, with and without memory, of the spread of Covid-19 in Morocco ...

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