International Journal of Specialized Islamic Studies

Volume 1 - Issue 2 (4) | PP: 191 - 206 Language : العربية

Method of Knowing the Public to The Mujtahd to Be Consulted -A Legitimate Study

Muna Bint Abdullah Al- Nasser
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12/11/2018 20/11/2018 26/11/2018 27/1/2019
The researcher looks at the conditions of many people in the matter of the fatwa to find clear tolerance in it. Hence, this research shows the reader the ways in which the scholars can know the hardworking world qualified for fatwas. The research included an introduction, , And the first section mentioned the methods considered to know Mujtahd qualified for the fatwa, then was introduced contemporary methods to know the world hardworking qualified for the fatwa, and the controls mentioned by contemporary scientists and through which to control the fatwa through contemporary means, and the conclusion, which included a number of important results A: One of the ways mentioned by scholars in ancient times to know Mujtahid is. The scholars mentioned a number of ways that are supportive of the above and not completely independent, including: the emergence of signs of goodness and religiosity, and the erection of education And teaching it, and being large in people, and tell him about himself as a magician, and can be downloaded contemporary methods to know the general of the diligent methods mentioned by the scholars of the ancient and does not go beyond, and examples of contemporary methods: The knowledge of the hard-working world through the audio-visual media and reading with the extension of being a scholar of the fatwa, or with the testimony of the scholars who are distinguished by its justice and knowledge, The meeting of people to his question and take it with the extension of justice and knowledge, and recommend the follow-up and study of contemporary methods in the knowledge of diligent scientists, which arise day after day in light of accelerated technical progress.

Keywords: Public, Mujtahd, fatwa

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