International Journal of Specialized Islamic Studies

Volume 8 - Issue 1 (2) | PP: 19 - 36 Language : العربية

The Islamic Approach to Achieving Stability on the Principle: Appearances, Means and Obstacles- Inductive Study

Adel Harb Basher AL-asasmeh
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6/12/2022 26/12/2022 14/1/2023 8/4/2023
A person is exposed to many seductions and afflictions, which may shake his faith and change his constants. So, he deviates from the correct approach for several considerations including: his lack of sincerity to Allah or his exposure to seduction and afflictions, which causes an impact on the persons’ hearts, and tempts enemies with the incorrect belief. Therefore, the aim of this study was to highlight the steadfastness approach to the principle, to find out what it is and its basis, by knowing the effects, manifestations, means and obstacles. The approach used in this study was the inductive approach by collecting legal texts from the Qur’an and Sunnah that described and detailed to prove the principle, and the analytical approach through knowledge of the effects and manifestations, means and obstacles, and to achieve the objectives of the study. the research plan was composed of two sections, the first: To identify stability, its importance and legitimacy, the second: knowing the manifestations of stability, its means and its obstacles. The study reached to results including that stability on the principle is an accurate Islamic approach, urged by the Sharia, that it stems from the sincerity of intention to Allah and detachment from worldly life, and that the Muslim is tested and exposed to seductions, and that whenever the principle is rooted in the soul; increase him in affliction and test, and that a person becomes more convinced of his principles by getting acquainted with the path of the righteous. And their positions immortalized in history, and that the workers are abundant in the texts of the Book and the Sunnah, and that the consequences of reneging on principles lead societies to many calamities and catastrophes. The study recommends reviving the imitation of the divine scholars and empowering them with guidance platforms, and that steadfastness in principles teaches society to love religion, the nation and the homeland, and all of that is fearing Allah and observing Him and familiar with the secrets of souls.

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