International Journal of Specialized Islamic Studies

Volume 7 - Issue 3 (2) | PP: 157 - 176 Language : العربية

Islam's Position on Militancy Analytical Study in the Light of the Prophet's Sunnah

Haifa Abdulaziz Al-Ashrafi
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
16/10/2021 20/6/2022 15/8/2022 4/10/2022
This research is devoted to clarifying the Islamic perspective regarding extremism, to refute the issue of extremism, which has spread in the world, and in which the Islamic religion was accused as a religion of extremism and oppression. The paper defined the terms related to the subject and clarified the dimension of Islam from this accusation; through the narrations of Hadith that was inherited by the prophet’s biography, calling for facilitation and repelling embarrassment and forbidding extremism in all of its forms. The study utilized the inductive method to extract the Hadith narrations related to the topic while the analytical method was concerned to examine extremism and hyperbole in the light of Hadith. The research also clarified that the biography of the Prophet is full of many examples that explain Islam’s distance from extremism, which proves the innocence of the call of Islam from extremism.

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