International Journal of Specialized Islamic Studies

Volume 6 - Issue 4 (4) | PP: 254 - 265 Language : العربية

Studying the Prophet Saying: “After Allah had Finished Creating, he lay Down”

Tamer Mohamed Metwaly
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13/10/2021 12/1/2022 27/1/2022 14/2/2022
The hadith narrated by Qatada ibn al-Nu’man, that was mentioned in the sources with another word, “Al-Istiwa” corresponding to the wording of the Qur’an. The other word "lying down" was confused by many scholars. The aim of this work is to “study this hadith with a chain of narrators and a text, and the impact of that on the meaning of God Almighty’s ascension to His Throne according to the scholars of belief. The researcher did; by studying the chain of narration of hadith, narrations, in the light of critics about it in terms of criticism, then the scholars' position of belief on it. It has been found that the term “lying on his back” is consistent in all sources, and the other term (ascended on the throne) does not exist according to the critical study. As for the meaning of the text, each group of disagreements about the attributes suggested an opinion that agrees with its doctrine. I have not yet found a traceable message or research on this hadith.

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