The Art of Writing a Scientific Research Abstract

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Author: Refaad
Date: 05/01/2022

The abstract is one of the most important elements that scientific research institutions require in a master’s and doctoral thesis or the scientific paper to be published.

The Importance of the Research Abstract:

The scientific research abstract is no less important than the research because it sets the general vision or backdrop that describes the scientific research, and so shouldn't neglect thought and quality.

When composing the abstract of your research, it is the mirror that shows your work and attracts the public's interest.

The research abstract serves as a backdrop that the professor or reviewer will use to write down all the points in which your research is conducted correctly.

You should write the research summary after you have completed the research as it summarizes the key points with an explanation of the results and observations you have received. we will know how to wrap up the investigation through the next few steps. [1], [2]

Steps for Writing a Research Abstract:

To get a good research summary, consider the form and content of your work and consider the following steps: [1], [2]

   Read the topic that the research will discuss in detail.

  Understand the content of the research because it is easy to come up with a good summary.  

   Define the main features of the main investigation steps. 

Make sure the experiences, results, and theories to be used are interrelated.

How to Write a Research Abstract:

The scientific research abstract is a tool that is used to present the scientific work concisely and intensely to understand the ideas of the research, to give an overview of the research content or the thesis for the reader, and to see if the research falls within the area of ​​interest by including several paragraphs with key information and concepts of the research goals and expected results. The researcher has to organize his/her ideas and write a summary of the thesis or research step-by-step as follows:

State the objectives of the scientific research or the topic of the dissertation to be achieved with the discussion.

State the curricula and tools used in scientific research.

Briefly state the researcher's findings.

For concise, in order for your abstract to thoroughly discuss all of the main points of the investigation, you should keep in mind that your abstract:

   Determines the research problem or the subject of the thesis.

  Clarify the method for solving the research problem with an indication of the status of the method, be it an experimental method, a questionnaire or another.

Present the expected results of the examination as well as the recommendations for the examination and the conclusions of the examiner.

    Include the references used in a concise manner.

The research summary should include all information from the original research as it is a miniature version of it.

 Treat the research summary as a stand-alone unit so that it is produced in an innovative, integrated, and understandable way. In the end, it is the mirror who shows up on the internet or in scientific journals.

 Although the abstract or research is the first part of the research, it is the last part that you are working on, so scientific research needs to be well understood.

The researcher needs to be able to summarize the information found in the study and put it into a summary which is a cumbersome business and many fail.

 After you have finished writing your research  and started working on the research summary, the summary is written in one-page paragraphs so that the number of words in the paragraph is only between 200 and 300 words.

Write the name of the researcher and the title of the research or thesis, then the year of the research submission, and then write a summary of your scientific research with the word Research Summary.

Research Abstract Optimization Tips:

As you write your research summary, keep the following in mind: [1]

    Avoid referring to references, information, or results that are not included in the original research; simply summarize the research information and include it in the research summary.

   Avoid mentioning scientific recommendations in the abstract or in the dissertation of scientific research as they will not be considered part of the original research.

  Carefully select the appropriate and simple terms that can be used to reach your target audience. 

      Revise, avoid misspellings. 

      Avoid filler words such as arguments, explanations or circumstances and others.

    Brief and do not exaggerate listing information. In the end, the abstract at the end is only a general description of the research.

      Quoting specific examples.

      Rely on strong and highly reliable references.

Avoid direct quotations and paraphrase the work being quoted. Paraphrase the information obtained from your vocabulary and your own words.



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