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Censor's responsibility who are obliged to control its control limits of article (288) of the civil code

Sadam Hussein Youssef Alrahamneh

The study aims to identify the censor's civil liability, the basis and nature of the censor's liability, qualifications required to satisfy him/her, whether they were legally identified, and the degree to which the censor's liability for remediating the damages in the case of an illegal act by those ...

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The Israeli violations of the natural resources in Palestine

Najah Duqmaq , Ahmed Abu Ja'far

The Israeli private companies deliberately committed various violations against the Palestinian inhabitants and civilian properties by pillaging the natural resources in Palestine. The research sheds light on the need for the Palestinian people to exercise their right over their natural resources and ...

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The Criminal Responsibility of Banks for the Crime of Money Laundering in the Light of the Saudi System

Hassan Youssef Mustafa magableh , Ridaa AbdulRahman Muhammad AlSugayri

Money laundering crimes are closely related to banking and financial institutions, as they are one of the most important tributaries to which those involved in these crimes resort, as a result of the tremendous technical development in the field of information and communication technology, which resulted ...

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Legitimate Defense Between the United Nations Charter and the Statute of the International Criminal Court (A Comparative Study)

Alkhansaa Ahmed Saeed

One of the objectives of the research is to shed light on the right of legitimate defense because of its special importance at the level of international law and international organizations due to the absence of an international body that has at its disposal a permanent force that is used, when necessary, ...

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Embezzlement of Public Money between Disciplinary Criminal Sanction in the Saudi System - A Comparative Study

Ahmed Ahmed Salih Altawily , Hassan Mohammed Ali Algaradi

This research studies the relationship between the disciplinary and the criminal penalties in the crime of embezzlement, which is applied to the perpetrator of the crime of embezzlement because there is confusion between the two penalties in terms of the competent authority to consider the case or the ...

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The Criminal Responsibility of the Psychiatric Patient

Majed bin Mubarak Al Buraidi , Masaud bin Humaid Al Maamari

Objectives: Psychological diseases are currently some of the most common diseases, as a result of many organic and social factors. Those diseases affect man and his mental and physical powers. This effect may extend to deficient or no perception and will that make man unable to control his acts and, ...

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