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Judicial control over the discretionary power of management

Walid Abdul Ruhman Mezher

The study aimed to delve into the legal issue of judicial oversight over administrative discretionary authority, and that the presence of discretion in administrative work would achieve this legal presence of the state on the one hand, and on the other hand, would lead to the management and good performance ...

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The Discretionary Power of the Criminal Judge in Determining the Penalty (Historical Rooting)

Bayan Ali Al Mahri , Saif Ahmed Al Rawahi

Crime lived sophisticated as society evolved. Consequently, sanctions have been imposed so that there is no danger to society and to ensure its security, stability, and protection. But different times and many experiences have been generated by Penal legislation, convinced of the need to empower the ...

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The Judge’s Discretion in Annulling the Transfer of Title to Real Property Under the Real Property Law

Rama “Mohammad Yahya” Al-Haddad

Objectives: The purpose of this study was to explain the subject judge's discretionary authority regarding the invalidity of transactions imposed on a property under Real Estate Property Law No. 13 of 2019. Methods: The idea of a void contract was explained using a descriptive analytical approach. However, ...

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