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The Israeli violations of the natural resources in Palestine

Najah Duqmaq , Ahmed Abu Ja'far

The Israeli private companies deliberately committed various violations against the Palestinian inhabitants and civilian properties by pillaging the natural resources in Palestine. The research sheds light on the need for the Palestinian people to exercise their right over their natural resources and ...

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Suitableness of incrimination of international conduct with principle of legality

Abdulilah Abdullatif Mohammed Hamid

This research sheds light on the complexities involved in implementing the principle of legality in the criminalization of international behavior, given the imperative to adhere to this principle in international criminal law as a general rule, and then not to violate it by analogy or expanding the interpretation ...

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A Reading in the Problems of Some Cases of International Jurisdiction of Bahraini Courts between Expansion and Narrowing: A Comparative and Critical Analytical Study

Mohammed Waleed Almasri

While the articles regulating cases of Bahrain’s international jurisdiction are keen to establish various controls that seek to ensure close ties to the conflict with Bahrain and the appropriateness of its courts to consider it and ensure the greatest possible effectiveness of national judgments ...

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