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The Environment between Worlds Conflict and Reconstruction Policy

Benkhelifa Samira

The environmental effects due to the world’s conflicts and wars are so great and has deep impact on man for decades. They are direct impacts that touches the Ecosystem and they are indirect impacts on man’s health and good standard of living. Company also cause harm the environment, this ...

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Guarantees of applying the principle of precautionary measures in armed conflicts

Ahmed Abdel Hakeem Shehab

The provisions of international law generally suffer from the problem of effectiveness and the ability of the provisions of this law to impose its respect on those addressing its provisions. In the interest of applying precautionary measures in armed conflicts, international law has enacted a set of ...

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Prospects and Challenges of the Rules of International Humanitarian Law in Light of the Development of Armed Conflicts

Kheireddine Laib

This study aims to analyze the most important challenges facing international humanitarian law in light of the current scientific and technological development, which has produced new data represented in the emergence of terrorist organizations that have become a new challenge for the promising international ...

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The Concept of International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law and their Sources

Abdul Aziz bin Saud Al Mamari , Hussain bin Saeed Al Ghafri

Objectives: The study aims to clarify what is meant by international human rights law and international humanitarian law, and identify the sources of each of them, while specifying the scope of application of the two laws. Methods: The researchers adopted the analytical approach when explaining the ...

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