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Effect of Spirulina Platensis on Some Serum Markers, Performance Metrics and Organ Weights, in Rats Fed with Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil and/or Cholesterol

Tanay Bilal , Ayşen Altiner

This study aimed to investigate the possible action of Spirulina platensis on serum adiponectin, phospholipid and some enzyme levels, performance metrics, and organ weights, in rats induced by hydrogenated vegetable oil and/or cholesterol, which can open the way for using microalgae for therapeutic purposes. ...

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Feed intake analysis and organ weights of growing west African dwarf goats fed some browse plants and a concentrate supplement diet

Ocheja J O , Uguru J.O , Audu M , Apeh, U.J , Shittu, B.A , Halilu, A

The study evaluated the feed intake and organ weights of sixteen growing West African dwarf bucks fed some browse species and a concentrate supplement diet. The goats were allotted into four (4) treatments of four goats each. The goats were fed leaves from Gmelina, (Gmelina aborea)) Tamarind, (Tamarindus, ...

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Water Intake and Organ Weights of Red Sokoto Goats Fed Different Forms of Neem Leaves, Supplemented with a Concentrate Diet

Ocheja, J. O , Ibrahim, L.M , Itodo, J.I , Shettima, I , Igbatigbi, L.O , Abdulrahman, A.Y , Ejiwoye, A.O , Aliyu, A.K

The study evaluated the water intake and organ weights of red sokoto goats fed different forms of neem (Azadirachta indica) leaves and concentrate diet. The experiment was carried out at the smal ruminant unit Teaching and Research Farm, Federal University of Kashere. Sixteen red sokoto goats (bucks) ...

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