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The Approach of Reasoning in the Prophetic Sunnah of Imam Malik in his book Mawaita

Abdul Ghani Adaikal

We try through this research to highlight the method of inference with the prophetic Sunnah in Imam Malik's book "Al-Mowatta" and formulate it in a model that demonstrates, for the researchers, some important building blocks that the Imam has developed in dealing with the ‘hadithi’ text such ...

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Inference in Islamic Thought- An Epistemological Perspective

Amad Kazem Al-Barwari

This abstract is summarized by the revelation of the epistemology status of the theology in the Islamic thought, defining it and dividing it into acceptable and unacceptable and choosing the right one corresponding to the origins of pilgrims in the holy Quran and prophetic Sunnah and neglecting the loathsome ...

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An Approach to Deductive and Categorical Deductions in the Curricula of Some Sciences Among Muslims

Mohamed El Filali

The Qur'an is one of the fundamental origins of the hypothetical and categorical reasoning in the Shari’a and experimental sciences in the Muslim world: the concept of certainty in the Qur'an signifies decisiveness and its antonym is presumption. In the fundamentals of the Islamic jurisprudence, ...

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The relationship between the inference by lack of evidence and accompanying the original nothingness (Fundamentalist study)

Elameraouy Abdelghafour , Mohamad Rafia

Inference by lack of evidence for non-judgment and accompanying the nothingness is one way of an absence of a legitimate government that is talked about fundamentalists; they are two similar and ambiguous paths. This research aims to clarify the relationship between them based on the following two questions: ...

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