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Dealing with Plagues and Pandemics in Light of the Noble Qur’an’s Verses and the Sunnah

Omar Habis Nawafleh , Ayat Ali Anber

Since the dawn of history, deadly pandemics devastated the humans, destroyed the civilizations, and lifted serious repercussions for all of humanity. These pandemics caused death for millions of people, and due to their ignorance, people were attributing the cause of these pandemics to public factors ...

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The duality of the Qur’anic numerical structure “in the verses of the mosquito, the fly and the spider”

Qasim Salah Ali

Many researchers avoid delving into such topics and warn against approaching them, and they justify this with explanations as if the one who delves into them follows whims, guesswork, and exaggerations. There are several occasions in the verses of the mosquito, the fly and the spider that are based on ...

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The Trans- Ummah, the Extended State, and the Question of Universality (A study in the Meanings of the Quranic Texts)

Mohammed Amezzian

The central idea around which this paper rotates is that there is- in the Islamic perspective of political sociology- a mutual relationship between the Ummah and the state. The assumption here is that the essential characteristics of the state stem from the characteristics of the Ummah. As a demographic, ...

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The Impact of Sticking to Teaching and Learning the Holy Qur’an and the Prophet’s Sunnah on the Individual and Society

Amal ALsayed Mohmmed Alamin , Tmader Ibrahim Akasha

The study aims to explain the effect of adhering to the Book and the Sunnah; the researchers used the analytical, reflective, inductive, and deductive research method. To try to come up with important and accurate scientific benefits, the research included a set of results and recommendations, the most ...

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