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Rules of jurisprudence principles used to understand Fatema Bint Qays hadith, and its jurisprudential impacts (from the divorce section of the book: Ihkam al-Ahkam Sharh Umdat Al-Ahkam by Ibn Daqiq Al-Eid)

Mu'mena F. M. Mu'ayyad

This research deals with the rules of jurisprudence principles used to understand Fatema bint Qays hadith in the divorce section, and its Jurisprudential impacts, to derive from them the entitlement of divorced woman to maintenance and housing during her waiting period. So, it applied the rules of jurisprudence ...

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Ibn Al-shat’s answer to (Nazila) in the time of the epidemic: A study in its foundations

Abdelhamid Raki

The aim of this research is showing the principles which Ibn SHAT based on his fatwa in the epidemic time. Those principles range between two types, one of them is the rules which are the foundations of fatwa, and the other is the dialectical mechanisms which ibn shat used them in order to opposite to ...

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