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Money Employment Contracts in Contemporary Islamic Banks in the Light of the Shafi'i School: Financial Netting Contracts

Mohammad Ali Al-Gharaibeh

This study aimed to identify a number of contracts for the employment of funds in contemporary Islamic banks represented by financial compensation contracts in the light of the Shafi’i school of thought. It also dealt with the permissibility of contracts for the employment of funds. The study reached ...

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence Systems on Improving the Quality of Banking Services in Jordanian Islamic Banks

Asma Ali Ghawanmeh , Asharaf Bin Mohd Raml , Abdullaah Bin Jalil , Mouiad fadeil Alawneh

The study aims to know the possibility of using artificial intelligence systems in Jordan Islamic banks from employees' perspective. It includes three banks: Jordan Islamic Bank for Finance and Investment, Islamic International Arab Bank and Safwa Islamic Bank. The study also aims to explain the impact ...

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