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Dealing with Plagues and Pandemics in Light of the Noble Qur’an’s Verses and the Sunnah

Omar Habis Nawafleh , Ayat Ali Anber

Since the dawn of history, deadly pandemics devastated the humans, destroyed the civilizations, and lifted serious repercussions for all of humanity. These pandemics caused death for millions of people, and due to their ignorance, people were attributing the cause of these pandemics to public factors ...

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The Infractions of Belief in the Time of Epidemics (Corona Model)

Wafa Alkhamees

This research adopts a descriptive and analytical approach. The epidemic has swept the world over the past two years. Which shut down many people's activities. It is important to study this matter and its impact on the people. Some Infractions affecting the Muslim's belief and faith. Therefore, I choose ...

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Security Measures in Al Masjid Work

Fatima Juma’h Al-Wahsh

This study attempts to answer the following questions: What is the modern legal policy followed in mosques work? In terms of the security and healthy measures taken in order to advance the role of the mosque and return it to its previous era? What are the procedures followed to develop the mosque’s ...

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