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Protecting Women, Children and the Elderly in Sharia and International Law

Jawdat Abed Taha Al - Mazloum

There is no trust in the world that is more sacred than children, women and the elderly. There is no duty of importance above the respect of all of their rights, because their protection and respect for their rights protect the past and future of humanity as a whole. Although the international community ...

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Legal and Shari’a-based Guarantees for the Protection of Civilians and the Rights thereof in Times of Armed Conflicts and the Role of International and Religious Organizations in this Regard

Laila Saleem Shalabi , Ismail Mohammad Shindi

Objectives: The present study aims to identify the legal and Sharia-based guarantees for the protection of civilians in times of armed conflicts and the role entrusted to the international civil, political and religious institutions in the protection of their rights in a world full of conflicts. Methodology: ...

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