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A Potential Bioactive Secondary Metabolites and Antimicrobial Efficacy of Streptomyces thermocarboxydus Strain KSA-2, Isolated from Kali River, Karwar

Sreenivasa Nayaka , Muthuraj R. , Bidhayak Chakraborty , Meghashyama Prabhakara Bhat , Pallavi S.S. , Shashiraj K.N. , Halaswamy H.M. , Dhanyakumara S.B. , Dattatraya Airodagi , Kavitha Haged

In the present study, an Actinomycetes strain KSA-2 was isolated from freshwater sediment samples of Kali River, Karwar, Karnataka, India. The strain KSA-2 was selected among seven isolates based on primary screening of antimicrobial activity against pathogenic organisms. The morphological physiological ...

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