Veterinary Medicine and Public Health Journal

Volume 3 - Issue 2

Seroprevalence and Risk Factors of Human Brucellosis and Toxoplasmosis in Ghazni Province of Afghanistan
Sayed Sharif Abdali , Assadullah Samadi


Assessment of the Effect of Sodium Hypochlorite, An Artificial Exsheathment Medium, on the Viability of Nematode Larvae
Elsayed E. Elowni , Ghada H. Abdelnabi , Mohamed F. Ahmad


Nutrient Intake and Digestibility of Red Sokoto Goats Fed Different Forms of Neem Leaves, Supplemented with a Concentrate Diet
Ibrahim, L.M , Ocheja, J. O , Yahaya, B , Sadiq, M.S , Agyo, B , Uguru, J.O , Madu, I , Yakubu, M.K


Bibliographic Information Email: DOI: 10.31559/VMPH ISSN 2707-7195 (Online) ISSN 2707-7187 (Print) Freq. : 3 Times / year Language : English Articles : 74

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