International Journal of Legal and Comparative Jurisprudence Studies

Volume 5 - Issue 1 (1) | PP: 1 - 17 Language : العربية

Procedural Provisions for Cybercrimes (Comparative Study)

Mamdooh Khaleel Al Bahar
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
5/6/2023 16/8/2023 27/9/2023 20/4/2024
Objectives: The study aimed to identify the procedural provisions for cybercrimes in UAE legislation in Law No. 5 of 2004 regarding information security and Law No. 5 of 2012 regarding combating information technology crimes and its amendments. To achieve this goal, among the most important objectives that the study seeks to achieve are identifying the concept of cyber-crimes and their characteristics, and demonstrating the importance of the criminal investigation stage in collecting evidence at the crime scene, as UAE legislation includes procedural legal texts that guarantee the collection of cyber evidence as these texts can be benefited from and come up with useful recommendations for methods and procedures while collecting evidence in cyber-crimes. Methods: There is more than one method that has been used: the descriptive and analytical approach to describe the phenomenon under the study. The comparative approach requires comparison with some Arab and foreign legal systems. Results: One of the most important findings of the study is that cybercrime requires unconventional methods, especially evidence collection, inspection, and investigation. Cybercrimes are also difficult to prove and easy to destroy. Conclusions: We conclude from this research that there is a need for regional and international cooperation in combating cybercrimes, as well as the need to develop new legislation at the national and regional levels in the field of combating this type of crime. Finally, we recommend the necessity of establishing sections and departments in all police stations across the UAE, whose specialization is to follow up on the latest technical developments in the field of information technology and modern technology to deal with all cybercrimes.

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